Theme – Graphic Design & Branding

Client – Genusskoarl

Design – Benedikt Stonawski

Year – 2017

Images – © Benedikt Stonawski

Awards – Bio Product of the Year 2018 

             Vegan Product of the Year 2018

WienerWürze is a biological, vegan, traditionally brewed seasoning sauce that ages for a long time before it is bottled by hand. The product was developed by food technologist Karl Severin Traugott and the designer Benedikt Stonawski.

WienerWürze consists of Austrian lupines, oats, salt and water and should be associated with enjoyment, quality and uniqueness. Therefore, elements of Viennese Art Nouveau were integrated into the lettering, which together with the watercolor illustration results in a high recognition value. Like the lettering, the flowers of the lupines are yellow and surrounded by blue, shiny leaves against a matte, dark background. Overall, the design reflects the corporate culture: honesty, tradition and healthy enjoyment. The bottle is of a clear, modern shape, speaks with calm elegance and can therefore be part of a harmonious dining table decor.

Consistent with the labels, the lupine motif and the characteristic lettering were used for printed forms such as business cards, flyers or recipes. A CI-compliant brand image was created for trade fairs and events. For this purpose, rollups and posters were designed and wooden point-of-sale displays were made by hand.