Torsion Furniture No.1

Theme – Robotic Bent Furniture

Design – Benedikt Stonawski

Year – 2017

Images – © Benedikt Stonawski

Exhibitions – Design Academy Eindhoven , Graduation Show,  Dutch Design Week 2016, Eindhoven, Netherlands    Rossana Orlandi , Salone del Mobile 2017, Milano, Italy

Roundings – carved, cast or bent – are an essential part of aesthetic expression. The production of Torsion Furniture No. 1 is a complex and time-consuming process. Torsion Furniture No.1 explores the question of how the latest technical developments can contribute to the expansion of automated furniture production.

Computer-aided bending of thermoplastic materials allows for the creation of pieces that simultaneously express cool minimalism and playful ornamentation in detail. The primary material is the mineral material Corian in the alpine white tonality. It is custom bent with the technology developed by Clever Contour and finally assembled by hand. The Torsion Furniture No.1 collection consists of a chair, a coffee table and a side table and was designed and produced in a limited edition for the Rossana Orlandi exhibition at the Salone del Mobile 2017 in Milan.




























Coffee Table No.1