Material in Motion

Theme – “Master of Material” Rado Star Prize Competition

Design – Benedikt Stonawski In Collaboration With Constantin Wittek

Year – 2019

Images – © Kollektiv Fischka and © Constantin Wittek

Text – © Lena Nagl

Exhibitions – 2019 Rado Boutique Vienna, Austria

Experience materiality – this was the leading idea designer and competitor  Ebnedikt Stonawski had with  “Material in Motion””. The work was be presented as part of the design competition Rado Star Prize Austria 2019 from May 15th to 31st in the Rado Boutique in Vienna and represents time, space and movement in an exciting way together.

An installation for which the audience has to pause for a moment. This is the only way to follow the movements of “Material in Motion” with your eyes. Clamped between small, computer-controlled engines, the elasticity and smoothness of rattan, the natural raw material used, are expressed.

The originally linear material begins to writhe and stages itself again and again.The diversity of the random patterns seems to be infinite: So the materiality for the audience should be experienced only by the consideration of the motion sequences.