Fuse Skin

Theme – Fusion of Furniture & Architecture

Design – Benedikt Stonawski

Year – 2016

Images – © Benedikt Stonawski

The future living environment will need to be more adaptable to optimize spatial use, function and sustainability. However, these concepts must take the diversity of residents, their routines and needs into account and also allow room for creativity. Therefore, individualism should be defined in the domestic realm.

Just like corals form depending on their environment and the inhabitants of the underwater world, the human environment should connect with its inhabitants. Fuse Skin is a customizable architectural interface that transforms existing qualities into new ones, creating new individual living identities within defined architectural spaces. Existing qualities of physical forms can be interpreted in several variations, creating not only scope, but also new uses. This is how a symbiosis between furniture and architecture takes place.

Living corner, Lights, freeform, perforated
Living corner, Lights, freeform, perforated apple