Theme – Spray Concrete Shelter

Client – Clever Contour Gmbh 

Design – Benedikt Stonawski

Year – 2016

Images – © Benedikt Stonawski

The project takes the production of freeforms with the technology of Clever Contour a step further. At the heart of this innovative production technology lies a patented software and a bending system, which together allow for a three-dimensional free forming of plastic semi-finished products.

The result is a new solution for the cost-effective production of complex shapes.For EVO a new method for the application of shotcrete was developed in cooperation with a construction company. First, the model was designed in the software and the structure built with the bending machine. The assembled framework was covered with a wire mesh, supported by a steel reinforcement and finally covered with concrete. The software was programmed for Grasshopper in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts.