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Theme – Local-circular food community

Design – Benedikt Stonawski

Year – 2016

Image – ©  Benedikt Stonawski

Prize – Future Concept Competition 2016, Dutch Packaging Association

This concept was designed as a circular system for the redistribution of food between local businesses and households. Circle’s works as a platform based on a credit system through which members can exchange food they cook or produce in surplus. First, several Circle’s Centers are set up in the streets of a local community. These vending machines are the point of contact where members can deposit their food if they cooked in excess or if they grow their own fruit and vegetables and simply want to contribute. This way, the local network draws its maximum from its own resources and services.

On the online platform all members can see which foods are available in the Circle’s Center. The Circle’s Port supervises the preparation and packaging process carried out by the members. The collected data is stored in the chips integrated in the packaging system and is available to members both on the online platform and in the vending machines. The result is a transparent, circular system that connects all members through their products and their packaging in a closed network.