Benedikt Stonawski studied at design Academy Eindhoven and is a product designer from Vienna, Austria. As a designer and a qualified carpenter he combines known crafts with new technologies and materials to create unique concepts that reflect playfulness and innovative know-how. His work ranges across various fields such as product design, product branding and furniture design and has already been presented at international exhibitions such as Dutch Design Week, Salone del Mobile in Milano and Vienna Design Week.

“As new technologies are developed and known crafts are improved, the demands for good design becomes more complex. Good products have innovative design, enhance life and evoke curiosity.”

Benedikt Stonawski is a member of designaustria and of the Experts Cluster for Sustainable Design.


Product Design


Graphic Design

Furniture Design




2019                     “Material in Motion” exhibitet at Rado, Vienna, Austria

2018                     Curation & exhibition at Design Days “Exist”, Vienna Design Week, Austria

2017                     Curation & exhibition at Design Days “Alive”, Vienna, Austria

2017                     Co-founding of the Design Days exhibition series, Vienna, Austria

2017                     Exhibition at Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy

2016                     Exhibition at Popcore, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, Netherlands

2016                     Collaboration with artist Franz Riedl for Galerie Trapp, Salzburg, Austria

2016                     Graduation from Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

2016                     Internship at Blue Sky Design, Sydney, Australien

2016                     Internship at Studio Thomas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria

2015                     Design Research – E.on Off Grid Solutions, Arusha, Tanzania

2015                     Award – Jury Prize, Dutch Packaging Association, Netherlands

2012                     Design Consultancy – Clever Contour GmbH, Vienna, Austria

2011                     Graduation Carpenter Trade Exams, Vienna, Austria

2008                     Internship at Art & Design Carpentry Hermann Czernin, Salzburg, Austria


Mai                     2019                    Vienna.at – Material in Motion 

April                    2019                    Mestieri d’Arte & Design – Torsion Furniture No.1    

September          2018                    Parnass Magazine – Design Days

February             2018                    Detail – Clever Contour

January               2018                    Salzburger Nachrichten – Baumring Clever Contour

November           2017                    TV Wien 24 –  Design Days

November           2017                    The Gap – Design Days  

April                     2017                   Architectural Digest China – Torsion Furniture No.1

October               2016                    DAE Graduation Book – Torsion Furniture No.1

May                      2016                   Dutch Packaging Magazine (NL) – Circle‘s

December            2014                   DW green associates (US) – E-Scroll

January                2015                   Campingtrend (NL) -E-Scroll

January                2015                   NKC (Dutch camping club) – E-Scroll

January                2015                    Almere Headlines (NL) – E -Scroll